Free website & software
for businesses in service industries


Free website & software
for businesses in service industries


Different types of businesses became our business partners


Self Employed specialists & different businesses in service industries use our software


Average number of online orders has service provider per month

Professional website with online booking system 24/7

Professional website with online booking system 24/7

Website is the face of your business. We have developed a modern website with a unique online booking system for your services where your clients can book an appointment.

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By phone or online appointment scheduling tool

By phone or online appointment scheduling tool

The current schedule is available from your smartphone or PC for you or all your employees, updates in real time and eliminates overlays in appointments and bookings.

Using our scheduling software is a very fast, convenient and secure business tool.

CRM client base with full history of visits

CRM client base with full history of visits

Instant search for client information. With one click, you can add a new client or make an appointment. View his future or past services with photos, reviews, visits and statistics with payment history.

Client profile
Future services
Past services
Payment history

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Integrated payment system

Integrated payment system

Your new website will have automatic credit card payment enabled and your client will be able to pay in several ways on the spot, by:

Credit card
Interac e-Transfer
Gift voucher

Automated bookkeeping

Automated bookkeeping

Accounting for all expenses and incomes is fully automated. In the "Bookkeeping" module, you also will have the possibility of manually adding items of expenses and incomes as well as refunds.

With any payment method, your client will automatically receive a receipt, and you will be able to see all transactions with the account balance. At the end of the year, you just have to hand over the finished report "Excel file" to your accountant.

Sell E-Gift cards offline and online

Sell E-Gift cards offline and online

By creating personalized or non-personalized gift cards for your clients, you can sell them on your website or directly at your workplace.

Buying a gift card, your clients have possibility to print it out or send to the recipient by email for a specific time and date.

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Reduce client delays

Reduce client delays

Automatic notifications about the upcoming visit to your salon will remind your clients that they have ordered a service.

* other automatic mailings informing about upcoming promotions or discounts are also available.

Increase client confidence

Automatic notification "Leave a review" will collect testimonials and photos of performed services on your website.

Wait list

Wait list

Add your clients to the wait list. In this module, you can specify the client's data, his wishes, your comments. When free time appears, you can automatically send a notification to all clients that they can book an appointment.

Smart marketing

Smart marketing

Share your professional services on social media.

There is nothing easier than copying your website link and placing ads in different groups or marketplaces.

Statistics & Data analysis

Analyze the work of your business:


Follow the number of visits on your website.


Compare with the number of bookings you receive.


Compare the amount of revenue from your employees.


Identify the most popular and profitable services for promoting them.


Identify the best clients, as well as compare their average receipt.


Launch mailings with promotions for regular clients, and especially for those who have not visited your services for a long time.


“OMG! I cannot believe that I have found this software. It was super easy to set up and get started my business.”

Richard Whon


“We have been using this service since its opening. People are now actively using online booking, as it is more convenient for them. It is convenient for our clients to ask something in the chat, and not call when they are busy. This format of work is also convenient for beauty providers and administrator.”

Maria Botín

Cosmetology expert

“I love the online booking system! Now I have a very user-friendly website, CRM and scheduling tool. I really love Bookkeeping functionality. I don't have to do anything, only once a year to hand over the excel file to my accountant with the income and expenses already calculated.”

Andrew Binder

Massage expert

“I changed my old app to software. Everything is intuitive and very convenient. There are all the tools you need to run a business. I set up the admin panel in 10 minutes + 30 minutes took me to add prices for services. Now I have a very cool functionality and a website and all my clients are very glad.”

Kellie Klinger

Nail Expert

“I use "Premium Package". The support is wonderful. If you have questions, they give clear answers and always help. I didn't find any cons. My client base has finally acquired a decent look. I am very happy and can safely recommend this company.”

Elise Makeup Studio

Makeup expert


Online bookings 24/7

Clients make appointments 24/7 at a convenient time for you.

Scheduling tool

Create, edit, and view appointments from any device.

Integrated payments

Automatic payments by credit card, cash, Interac e-transfer, link, gift cards.

Client base

Client profile, future & past services, statistics of visits, payment history, reviews & preferred services.

Professional website

Your website with a unique domain name where your clients can book an appointment.

Bookkeeping & accounting

Automated bookkeeping & accounting for all expenses, incomes and refunds. Convenient transaction accounting format.

Gift cards

Personalized or non-personalized gift cards for your clients.


Automated notifications to the clients about their appointment, leave a review, promotions and other.

Wait list

Add your clients to the wait list to specify the client's data, his wishes, your comments for a future service.


Share your new website and professional services on social media.

Statistics & Data analysis

Analyze your business: determine popular services, number of bookings, visits, best clients and other.

Multi branches

Add new branches and control everything in one system. Suitable for companies with multiple branches.

Pricing & Plans

Monthly Yearly Save 25%

* If you would like to transfer any package to your own domain, please contact us. The service is paid $100